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Anaerobic Project of Xingxin Paper Industry in Guigang, Guangxi应急处理溢流污水项目

  • 业主名称:Tianjin
  • 项目类型: 71048 square meters
  • 规       模:Logistics Park Property Management
  • 年        份:2018


At the end of March 2018, our company undertook the equipment supply and project operation of Shiyan Majiahe River Station ditch emergency sewage treatment project. The project adopted three 3000 m?/d GreenEver high-efficiency sewage purification equipment. The actual water treatment capacity was about 6000 to 8000 m_/d. Our company was responsible for the design of the whole process package, equipment supply and installation, commissioning and operation of the project.


Because of the shortage of land for the project, it is impossible to arrange treatment equipment on the riverside bank, so a 164 M2 concrete overhead platform is set up at the flood passage place inside the riverbank revetment without affecting the drying up of the riverway. At the same time, a water intake regulating pool and an outflow landscape pool are set up to support the sewage treatment equipment. The project was completed at the end of April 2018 and operated normally. Leaders of relevant departments of Shiyan City have visited the site many times for guidance and inspection. Up to now, all the equipments have been running normally for a long time and the effluent meets the relevant requirements, which provides a good basis for the first batch of special supervision work of urban black and odorous water remediation carried out jointly by the Ministry of Ecological Environment and the Ministry of Housing and Construction in the Majiahe River Basin in June this year, and makes a new contribution to the protection of the water ecological environment of Shiyan City.

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