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Green Heng Helps Qinxiangbang Restore Water Self-purification Ability

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Green Heng Helps Qinxiangbang Restore Water Self-purification Ability


There are 12 rivers in the Liyuan Economic Development Zone of Wuxi. In recent years, the park has intensified its regulation efforts and introduced ecological water environment management methods, which has improved the water environment quality of rivers in the jurisdiction area and basically eliminated the black and odorous rivers.

Construction background
Qinxiangbang is located in the downstream of Qinglong Mountain and Taohua Mountain in Wuxi Binhu District, south of Xuegang Road, with a catchment area of nearly 3 square kilometers. For a long time, due to the influence of the old pipeline network in the upper Chengzhongcun residential area and the army barracks near the river, the mixed flow of rain and sewage into the box culvert has resulted in serious water pollution in the river, and the problem of black and odor has long plagued the residents around the river.
In order to improve water quality and restore water ecology, Liyuan Street, Binhu District, Wuxi City, in August 2016, the district water management office and the Civil Affairs Department organized the relevant streets to consult with the resident troops on the regional water control plan, and formed the working consensus of "administering water by the army and the people for Taihu Lake, controlling source, intercepting pollution and protecting people's livelihood". Through a variety of comprehensive measures, the river management work has been completed. At present, the river has no black and odor, high transparency and obvious results, which has been unanimously praised by the surrounding masses, and composes a new chapter of military and civilian water control.
Since 2015, Liyuan Street, with the support of municipal and district levels, has made full use of engineering measures such as source control, sewage interception, silt dredging, ecological restoration and initial rainwater treatment to promote the water environment renovation project in Qinxiang.

Main measures
(一)Pipeline network transformation to distribute rain and sewage.
(二)Initial rainwater source control and pollution interception. Street investment in the construction of an initial rainwater treatment station, in order to effectively improve the initial rainwater treatment in the upper reaches of Qinxiangbang, designed capacity of 3000 cubic meters per day. GreenEver high-efficiency non-power sewage purifier of Beijing GreenEver Technology Co., Ltd. is adopted in the treatment station. Its core technology is self-circulation high-density suspended sludge filtration technology. This technology has been listed in the recommended technology of "Technical Guidelines for the Treatment of Urban Black and Odorous Water-Drainage Ports, Pipelines and Inspection Wells (Trial Implementation)" of the Ministry of Housing and Construction. After adding coagulant and flocculant, the raw water is fully mixed with sewage and flocculated, and the clean water after sedimentation is re-discharged into the river channel, so as to improve the water quality from the source.
(三)Clean up the silt and dredge the internal pollution. Effectively control the internal pollution of water bearing body.
(四)Ecological restoration is self-purification. Further enhance the self-purification ability of water body and biological oxygen demand for life.

Treatment effect

Before rectification


After renovation

News report
The project has achieved remarkable results and has been highly appraised by the Jiangsu Inspection Team in Shanghai (Source: Report on the official website of the Ministry of Ecological Environment of the People's Republic of China). At the same time, Wuxi News interviewed the residents nearby, and they said, "The water used to be stinky, but now it can't smell...".

Official Website of the Ministry of Ecological Environment of the People's Republic of China

Wuxi news

Built meaning
After a period of renovation, Qinxiangbang, once a black and stinky river, has slowly cleared up to four types of water standards. Green foxtail algae, calamus and other plants planted on the water surface also make the river more ornamental.

Technology Brief Introduction-Luheng High Efficiency Wastewater Purification Station

Effective Sewage Purification Station

GreenEver High Efficiency Wastewater Purification Station has been developed by GreenEver since 2013, which makes up for the gaps in this technology in China. It can quickly purify the water quality and restore the water environment ecosystem in the aspects of river pollution control, sewage outlet control, sponge city construction, front-end treatment of constructed wetlands, and upgrading of sewage plants.

Core equipment Core equipment
Efficient non-power sewage purifier can realize the rapid removal of SS, TP, COD and heavy metals in sewage, greatly reduce the total amount of pollutants entering the water body, and make the black and odorous water body clear quickly. The equipment consists of fast mixing zone, coagulation reaction zone, high density flocculation zone, ultra-high speed sedimentation zone and sludge concentration zone. There are two design forms, horizontal and vertical. The equipment is simple in structure and small in area. The core technology is self-circulating high-density suspended sludge filtration and sedimentation technology, which is included in Technical Guidelines for Urban Black and Odorous Water Treatment-Drainage Port, Pipeline and Inspection Well Treatment. It is accomplished through core patented technologies such as ultra-high speed mixing and sedimentation, internal circulation reaction, high efficiency adsorption and interception of mud layer, and high load sedimentation. The functions of efficient dephosphorization, turbidity removal and reoxygenation of sewage can achieve the goal of "ecological future and green treatment".

core technology Core technology
Self-circulating high-density suspended sludge filtration technology is a patent technology developed by Greenhouse Science and Technology. Through unpowered sludge reflux and high-speed hydraulic mixing and stirring, high-density sludge granules and underutilized medicines are utilized to maintain high sludge concentration in the mixing zone, increase the chance of agglomeration of pollutants such as granules and destabilized colloids in sewage, and rapidly agglomerate pollutants in the high-density flocculation zone. High-density flocs are formed by adsorption, and a unique high-density ballast floc filter layer is formed through plug-flow contact zone. Fine flocs in water are intercepted by sludge filter layer, and pollutants in water are deeply absorbed. The flocs are quickly precipitated after coagulation to a certain size, thus realizing the rapid separation of pollutants from water.

Characteristic Characteristic
Efficient, convenient, economical and stable.
The removal efficiency of pollutants is higher than 80% for SS and TP and 50% for COD.
The operation cost is low: the cost of water and electricity per ton is ~0.10 yuan (mainly used for sewage lifting), and the cost of medicament per ton of water is 0.10 0.20 yuan.
Small amount of civil engineering: equipment forming in one, less concrete structures, rapid installation on site;
Small area: surface load up to 25 m_/m_. h, suitable for projects with tight site;
Simple operation, small daily maintenance and short system start-up time.


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