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Fo cus on Luheng's attitude

We focus on the field of environmental protection, and constantly improve the quality of our work. We will firmly adhere to our goals and not fear challenges. We will upgrade the market position of our products and lead our employees to realize their dream of competing with leading enterprises in the industry as soon as possible.

Th e Key to Innovation, Green and Constant Development

In the fierce market competition environment, we rely on independent research and development of unique technology, people have no me, people have my own excellence, to maintain the long-term development of enterprises.

Tr ust in the Foundation of Green Eternal Development

Inside the company, we believe that every employee and every employee is the owner of the enterprise; outside the company, under the conditions of complete market-oriented, we trust each other and rely on each other; we believe in ourselves and the future; we believe in honest customers and honest society, and pursue the long-term development of the enterprise on the basis of trust.

As sist Greenhouse Team Style

Team assistance is the foundation. In Luheng, there are no excellent individuals, only excellent teams. We are committed to first-class management, so that ordinary people form an extraordinary team, beyond extraordinary goals.

Ke y Points of Green and Constant Development of Talents

Since its inception, Lvheng has made talent strategy - seeking talent, loving talent, cultivating talent and emphasizing talent as the focus of enterprise development. We should absorb high-tech talents with career development and tract the development of high-tech products with talents so as to form a team of high-quality talents to support the development of enterprises. At the same time, we not only recruit excellent technical management personnel, but also pay attention to talent training and incentives.
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